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Why Lease?

Why Lease?

Pinegar Honda Springfield MO

Leasing gives you more car for your money.

Since your monthly payments are based on only the depreciation of the car, not the full price, leasing payments are often much lower than traditional retail monthly payments. When your payments are lower, it gives you the option of having more features on your car at a more affordable price.

Lower long term cost to operate.

Since leasing helps you afford a new car more often and since you are driving a new car more often, you will not incur the repair and maintenance costs typically associated with a longer term retail purchase. Typically, maintenance services like brake replacement and tires are not needed with shorter term leases.

Leasing maximizes your cash flow.

Since large down payments are not required in leasing to obtain financing, you keep your cash and just pay a small monthly payment. In Missouri, you also do not pay sales tax on the full purchase price, only the amount of your monthly payment. A large amount of sales tax is not paid in the first 30 days of ownership like it is on a retail purchase. You only pay sales tax on the amount of each monthly payment.

Leasing provides you options, not obligations.

If in two or three years your lifestyle changes and you need a different car, you minimize the risk of being "upside down" a term for owing more on your car than what it is worth. Being upside down can prevent you from being able to change cars when your needs change because that negative equity increases the amount of your future monthly payment.

You DON'T drive too many miles to lease.

We can build almost as many miles as you would like into your lease. We ask you those questions up front to find out your personal mileage needs and customize the lease to meet your driving habits. If you finance a car and drive over 15,000 miles per year, often times you can be upside down if you try to trade, because you are a high mileage driver. Those extra miles over 15,000 always cost the driver money, either lease or retail.

Yes you can end a lease early.

Just like with a retail purchase, you can end a lease early. In a traditional retail purchase where the car is financed for 60 months or longer if you try to trade cars early in that loan term, you run the significant risk of being upside down. The car has depreciated faster than the loan balance is paid down. Since a lease is based on the amount of depreciation only, the risk of owing more on the car than it is worth is much smaller than it is on a retail purchase.

Leasing helps you manage financial risk.

When you own a car you also own the financial risk of that car. For example, if you are involved in an accident when you own the car you will also own the lower future value because that car has been in an accident, even when the car has been properly repaired AND even if the accident was NOT your fault. On a lease the leasing company owns the risk, so if your leased vehicle happens to be in an accident, have the car repaired as you would a retail purchase then just turn the car in without the risk of a lower future value.

Lease terms are not confusing.

With a lease from Honda Financial Services ALL the financial terms are clearly disclosed UP FRONT so each potential leasee is able to make an informed choice whether leasing is the right option for their particular driving and financial needs.

For more information about leasing or any other questions about Honda vehicles or our dealership, please give us a call at (417) 882-3900 or stop by and see us at 3520 S. Campbell in Springfield.